I'm going to resurrect this Blog!

So most of you know that I have moved my blog to chriscochran.etumos.org, but I am going to resurrect this blog as the other one has been taken over by The CarCast.

God has been teaching me a lot this weekend. I can't even tell you how much I feel like I have learned. Most of it happened within a few short hours on Saturday. It started when I was getting ready for church (truth be told I was writing out the notes for my message) and one of my core team members called me and told me that he was not going to be at church...Because he was tired due to the fact that he went to a DJ concert the night before. I was really pissed to be honest. Not happy. A conversation about the situation with my wife ensued. It was not one of those happy conversations like where you talk about how proud of your kids you are. It was more like one of those conversations where you get really honest. The funny part is that while it was not exactly fun it was VERY healthy.

When we got to church it turned out that there were only 5 adults and 2 kids there. At first I was kind of dismayed but then as we were about to get started it seemed kind of pointless to run a "service" for 5 people. So I gathered everyone around a table and God began to speak to my heart. He began to talk to me about how many people (like our community) have lost the heart that God has for the Body of Christ.

He calls us his Bride. Think about that. Think about the weddings you have been to recently and how the bride and groom looked into each other's eyes and were so enamored with each other. That is how God thinks of his bride. Think about how you love your own body to the point that you would never let something bad happen to even your pinkie toe. That is the example that God gave us.

So we sang some worship and then had a time of prayer for the Body of Christ. The Bride of Christ.

In the middle of it God spoke to me about my feelings about the Body of Christ. He also told me that one of the things our church needs is more of the power of the Holy Spirit. Not freaky weirdness but the true genuine power of God that changes lives. We need more joy, prayer, freedom, and direction from God.

How do we do church differently and still allow the power of God to move? I have no clue...But I'm about to find out.

A funny thought occurred to me: It is often the guinea pigs that get messed up the most...But oh how fun it is to be the first guinea pig.


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