Phase One: Mr Mom...

Today begins my month "between churches." It really isn't really between churches. We have started Eutmos and are up and running. Our weekly team meetings are going on every Tuesday evening. May 7 we begin our first Weekend Gathering. It seems almost like I have a month off but I really dont.

Today Heidi started working full time. She is nannying full time until June. Then she goes part time. With her working so much I now have a new title...MR Mom!
I am overseeing all of the household responsibilities. It is only my first day but I am enjoying it immensely. I have time to spend with God and worship before I have to get all of the house work done...Oh and what is more...I get to continue to do the things needed to start this church.

Today I am meeting with a good friend: Will. That should be fun. Also I got to do some research on getting my car in tip top shape, fix the washing machine...it has been a productive day and all this before 10:30!

I have some more phone calls to make but I will keep updating this page with more info as it becomes available.


At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh chris, you poor thing... i just can see you running around with the kids. but from what i know they dont cause much trouble... i finally checked your blogs and they're good.. but what else can they be? nothing but deep and insightful.. so, greetings to heidi. i finally sat down to write you a detailed letter with all this sucking visa procedure.. you must hear from me soon. for now, keep posting the great stuff and light up the world around you, --


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